Ich klage an…! | Io accuso | I accuse…!

5. Oktober 2023 | tristram

@ Emilia Stohr

Herr Präsident!

Please allow me to wholeheartedly thank you for receiving me.

I know Your good name, Your good star, had it been happy so far, is now threatened by the worst and most dangerous kind of calumny. You’ve conquered hearts, You have emerged victorious and unscathed from grave slanders.

And now, You parade Yourself, publicly praising how you managed to avoid sending so-called innocents to face the juridical system.

Oh, but what a mud stain on Your name - I was about to say regime - it is that abominable case of missed justice.

For general commodity and lack of accountability, war criminals with their hands stained with the blood of real innocent people walk freely, without consequences; ignoring the truth, proves and any justice. It is over, Germany has this stain on its face, history will write that under Your presidency it was possible to commit such a crime against Society.

And since You dared, so will I; the Truth, I’ll be the one to say it, since I promised to say it, were justice to fall short on its duties.

It is my duty to talk, as I do not want to be an accomplice. My nights would be hunted by the spirits of all those innocent women and children who lost their lives, paying for a crime they did not commit.

And I will scream the truth to you, Mr President, with all the might and power of my revolution of honest man.

In the name of Your honour, I am sure you will ignore it.

To whom else am I supposed to scream the truth, if not you, first Magistrate of the country?

First and foremost, the truth of the processes: there were documents clearly stating the order of killing people without restraints, we had the soldiers and officers themselves admit to committing those crimes; but above all, we had survivors stepping up reliving their traumas, telling their story with courage rarely seen in humans, more than anyone, Enrico Pieri, a righteous man, fighting tooth and nail simply to be heard, for his story not to be forgotten, and You closed the doors of justice in their faces.

Starting from that moment, You started the scandal that will forever stain Your name. The case became Your case, having State Officials negate the obvious, when presented with evidence and testimonies, hiding behind improbable excuses; the tricks and turns used to stop justice from making its course, the stalling, it was just a tremendous lunacy!

Ah! This first case is a true headache for those who know it in its true details!

The trials are first stalled, You refuse to face Enrico Pieri, then the trials get completely annulled under the pledge of dementia.

And everything was almost planned like a mystery, with the complication of savage expedient, it was all a vulgar affair, even more impudent than fraud, for the blatant ignorance and close mindedness.

If you see me insisting on this, it’s because that is the fulcrum from which stems the whole crime: the willful ignorance and lack of accountability.

I am willingly exposing myself;

It is with all of this in mind that I formally accuse Gerhard Sommer, Alfred Schöneberg, Ludwig Heinrich Sonntag, Werner Bruß, and Georg Rauch of giving and taking to completion the order of killing innocents; I accuse the German juridical system of conducting an abominable public campaign, swaying the opinion of the people, not taking accountability and defacing the truth.

Talking of the people I accused, I don’t know them, I don’t remember their faces and I do not harbour any feelings of hatred or disdain for them. They are just entities, manifestations of social malpractice. And this letter I’m writing is not a revolutionary means to accelerate the explosion of truth and justice.

I just have a burning passion for light, in the name of that same humanity that suffered so much, and has the right to be happy.

My flaming protest is nothing more than the spillways of my soul.

Come and take me to court then, and let the investigations take place as soon as possible.

I await.

Please accept, Mr President, the assurance of my deep respect.